panning and stereo in general

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panning and stereo in general

Post by stranded horse » Sun Dec 23, 2012 1:18 pm

How do you guys approach panning when mixing dub? In my opinion, there are a lot elements that are so strong, they require to be in the center, but then, which elements should not be in the center?
If I had a song with drums, bass, skanks and a melodica, I would feel that everything needs to be in the center.
What would you do?

I also have a problem with drums, because drums are usually in stereo, and I also record them in stereo, but when dubbing, you end up with mono sound if you rout your drums to the same channel, and I don't want to have to move 4 or more faders at once to mute my drums or bring them back in.
So how do you solve this? Mix drums in mono? If yes, which is a good mic setup for mono drums?


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Post by AUX1Dub » Thu Dec 27, 2012 3:25 am

I think you're right, there are certain elements you want centered. I always center my kick, snare and bass. I usually pan my instruments though. Sometimes just slightly, sometimes alot. I feel they layback in the mix better that way.

What I like to do is use either a stereo reverb, or I usually use two different make of spring reverb, and hard pan them L&R. I run one reverb from the group sends and back to a channel. The 2nd I send from an AUX and back to a channel. Then I layer the SEND reverb on the GROUP reverb. This gives a weird stereo effect and re-centers everything a tad, it also make centered instruments "stereo" on my mono mixer. To trigger the reverb I just turn on the GROUP on the instrument fader and then flick the GROUP fade. Running back to a channel instead of the GROUP return lets me get the reverb tails.

As far as drum panning, you could send them all to a GROUP and pan them that way, split up to what your mixer allows. I use the method of just turning up the faders. I only split them into 2-3 channels though.

For mono drums ou just need to mix your drums mono, there is no different mic set-up I am aware of. You could still use stereo overheads and just mix them mono. You still want ambiance from both sides of the kit.

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