Hose reverb

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Hose reverb

Post by uffe » Mon Nov 14, 2005 1:10 am

Hi, <BR> <BR>I'm thinking about making a hose reverb, of which I've read about here: <a href="http://www.interruptor.ch/dub_fx.shtml" target="_blank">http://www.interruptor.ch/dub_fx.shtml</a> <BR> <BR>"The Hose Reverb: Take a hose &#40;like the ones used for gardening&#41; and drill some holes in it. Then put it in a noise proof box. Stick a small speaker to one end and microphones into the holes &#40;said to produce very unique reverb effects, especially if the signals from different microphones are used&#41;." <BR> <BR>I have some questions about it and I would like to get in touch with anyone who has built one of these. Answer here, or send me an e-mail. <BR> <BR>Uffe, <BR><a href="mailto:uffeone@hotmail.com">uffeone@hotmail.com</a>

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Hose reverb

Post by interruptor » Sun Dec 04, 2005 12:39 am

i didn't try that myself. a friend told me about it when i wrote the first version of the dub scrolls back in 98. <BR>to try out the principle just start with a hose without the holes and use one speaker and one mic. one at each end. if that yields an interresting result go on with holes, a noise proof box and so on. <BR>it would be nice to hear some audio samples if it works for you.. i would gladly host them on the dub scolls! <BR> <BR>cheers <BR>daniel

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