Dub Dj Mixing Techniques / Tool

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Dub Dj Mixing Techniques / Tool

Post by brunopietoso » Sat Jun 14, 2014 6:17 am


I've never quite been a big fan of producing so I always enjoyed playing records as long as I can remember.

After I discovered the digital dj controllers I've had an interesting relationship with them however lately I've decided to go back to old school djing (vinyl, 45's etc...)

My question to you guys is:

Instead of making dub tracks or using effects to create a track, do you guys know any technique for using live/analog delay effects or pedals that I can use during a vinyl / turntable mix to spice it up a bit?

I don't want just to mix records but would like to create or at least mess around with some of the records while spinning them.

Is this something Dub Djs do or do they just switch / mix one song to another?

Hope this makes sense!

Thank you!

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