To all Mac Users: Running PC VSTs on OS X - A new approach..

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To all Mac Users: Running PC VSTs on OS X - A new approach..

Post by interruptor » Sun Feb 13, 2011 12:18 pm

There is a new freeware approach to running PC VSTs and VSTis under OS X. German company SM Pro Audio offer their software VFX as a free download. It's actually a librarian for their V-Machine hardware but it can also be used to run PC VSTs on a mac when coupled together with Soundflower (an OSX Audio-Router tool)

As confirmed by the company the solution does really work without their dedicated hardware V-Machine.
Not all existing VSTs and VSTis will work, however the compatibility list on the company website also lists my ECHOLIVE plugin so chances are that other Interruptor plugins are compatible as well.

I am no mac user so I cannot try this out myself. See this thread at kvraudio for the details.

As far as I understand you do not directly run the plugin inside your OSX DAW. VFX will be the host reacting to live midi and audio from your daw and returning a live audio stream via soundflower which you can record with your DAW. So you won't be able to render tracks offline (freeze / bounce or whatever it is called in your DAW).

Holla back if you try it out. Particularly it would be interesting to know if other Interruptor VSTs than ECHOLIVE are compatible.

The German BEAT magazine had a tutorial on setting this up in their 12/2010 issue which is still available as a PDF-File on the DVD of the current issue 03/2011.

Daniel / Interruptor

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Post by JacoilGeko » Tue Mar 08, 2011 9:17 pm

Um i had installed all now, and i will try... :-)


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Post by Silktone » Sat Mar 08, 2014 4:45 pm

Hello, i tried it with twin bass it works well.. look at this to install it :
But that's not really a solution, its just nice to play live with windows vst on your osx.. you can't automate , modificate any parameters and bounce into your DAW simply cause the vst is playing outside of the daw.. you can register audio and midi but you can't change the sound inside the daw so its quite frustrating. Better install some virtual pc on your osx if you really need windows vst.. or maybe someone know how to automate the v-machine?

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