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Getting started...

Post by guitarfluke » Tue Jan 24, 2012 1:46 am

Hi I am new to the forum! Very excited to find this forum and have been learning a lot from here in the past two weeks! Got a few questions regarding if I already own the equipment I need, or do I need to save some money up to buy them...

I play in a roots reggae band, I play some guitar, bass, keys, and melodica. I have a Zoom MRS-802 ( which takes care of my needs for recording some preliminary tracks and bring to band practice.

My friend gave me a mixing board some time ago, a Yamaha PM400. I have no knowledge as if it would be the kind of mixing board I can use for dub. I am thinking it would not work as it does not have aux send or direct out. I tried to learn more about this mixer, but I could not find the manual or too much info the web.

Also have a opportunity to buy a TOA RXA-212, which I also could not find too much info online. Here is the link to the manual ... 12_216.pdf

I read from the dub basics section and think the gear I absolutely need would be a mixer and a recording device. I wonder anyone might know about these equipment, (Zoom MRS-802, Yamaha PM-400, or the TOA RXA-212) would be, and be able to give me some advice if they would work for dubbing.....

Many thanks!!

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