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HI to all of you.I ve found THE best dub delay ever made within a software.AS good as a space echo or copycat plus filters and pumping feedback volume!!Incredible!! works on pc and mac available as vst2 or DX plugins midi automation comming demo download register for 10$!!! (or 200 for the hight quality 32bits output.)SO GOOD I VE ALREADY BOUGHT the 10$ plug. beleave me this plug is a so kick ass soft i couldnt sit on my chair since i try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO the name of the plug is:ohmboyz If you love the plug as much i do and send them a email please tell them audioforge let you know their software adress.thanks
Jacking the Bill Lawwell Dub Training Manual sample CD Monday 19-Feb-2001 11:56:32

Does anyone have this cd? I have a lot of reggae and punk bootlegs to trade for a copy of it.


Bill Laswell even Tuesday 20-Feb-2001 22:27:38

THE VOICES OF UJIMA Sunday 18-Feb-2001 13:09:02

Up and coming new superb band form Birmingham-UK
Dub poet and music "Ras J Walters" and the "The Voices of Ujima" If you wish to book the band contact for more info. One Love
Using Pre Recorded Elements Thursday 15-Feb-2001 19:09:39

Whoops sorry about the previous posts THe Weed Made Me DO IT! But seriously I know about dub creation through the computer and through instruments but I don't want to use the computer or instruments strictly pre-created music - so how would one separate an old say Alton Ellis song into 4 separate track using just hardware. I am sure Tubby and all them didn't have live instruments at dance parties to mix with - how did they separate existing songs off of records or were they just pre recorded separate instruments? that would suck for me
Re: Using Pre Recorded Elements Friday 16-Feb-2001 18:11:44

find some old 7 & 12" singles with insturmental & dub versions of songs.
Using Pre Recorded Elements Thursday 15-Feb-2001 19:06:36

VIRTUAL DUB Sunday 11-Feb-2001 02:25:35

Anyone interested in forming a virtual DUB band?
I play DUB/REGGAE guitar.
I also do drum programming/VST engineering/ producer.
Influences:Dub Syndicate LSP Zion Train Mad Proffessor
I use Cubase VST 5.0 mostly but i do work with other software occassionally.
Initially I need a bass player. But all singers and players of instruments welcome.
The Technology is here NOW!
We can send tracks via e-mail.
dub jungle mastering Monday 5-Feb-2001 08:18:46

big up all dub assassins rudy from bologna italy
speakin........anyone knows prices and adresses for mastering in switzerland or germany from dat-cd-adat to master ..
i have my cuts finished but here in italy prices are too high and people are a little incompetent when it comes to masteriing dub--jungle derivated music..... dis italian rude boy.........aight!!!!???big up interruptor for his great site an
all massiv around the world guidance rudy bologna
Re: dub jungle mastering Monday 5-Feb-2001 11:56:04

high rudy :)

I'm surprised you say producing is expensive in Italy. IMO (I'm German) it's more expensive in Germany than in Italy due to the high personal cost for the procuder room studio rent etc. Hmm may be you might find some really good (but not necessary cheap) producer here.

Furthermore Italy seems to have got some real underground like producing and publishing possibilities. I'm just thinking to Officina 99 and projects like this. The label Anagrumba has released some (high quality !) music similar to dub few years ago. They must have a really great producer there.

Dont't know where Almamegretta do produce their stuff.

How about contacting Madaski in Torino ? He was producer for Africa Unite during their dub time. And he's doing innovative jungle now.

Anyway I would be glad to listen to your demo !

Re: dub jungle mastering Monday 5-Feb-2001 19:27:21

hanx mr.muzza for reply .......i must admit i have forgotten abt madaski ..i recorded some punky reggae trax 6-7 years ago.with my punk rock band the late ghetto 84 (sigh...) thanx .well massive tell me where u from.. germany ...??as i live in bologna italu but grow up in pforheim baden wurtenberg.....
ciaoooooooooo rudeman
Re: Re: dub jungle mastering Tuesday 6-Feb-2001 13:19:12

I'm from Germany ... absolutely no dub town ... I was living in Torino during its high subculture era (1994).

The Echochamber Tuesday 13-Feb-2001 11:16:52

A good address in Zurich is "The Echochamber".
The owner Dan Suter is a dubhead himself and
he might be able to work for an affordable price.

The Webaddress is

good luck
The Interruptor
uptown top ranking Saturday 3-Feb-2001 11:12:12

There was a cool cover version of uptown top ranking that came out about '95 in the west indies. can anyone remember who sang it???
need stuff Friday 2-Feb-2001 22:30:22

I'm a bass player i want to start my (punk) dub band (or project).

I need to get some stuff (consoles ect...)who would be perfect for recording and mixing live instruments and have lots of effects especially delays. But i need it to be affordable (but pro sounding at least for a demo.

Can somebody give me some advice or even better some suggestions of consoles and effect boxes etc. I can purchase.

Peace to all Dub lives!!!
Carlos the Jackass
Re: need stuff Tuesday 6-Feb-2001 10:00:25

Very good and small desk for live situations and recording. Mackie SR24-4... 24 channel 4 stereo aux returns 6 aux sends 4 subgroups.
Should be able to find one (new) 1500$us.
Re: need stuff Wednesday 7-Feb-2001 13:24:49

Thanks to DC for the tip. If anyone still wants to give me some tips they're welcome.

Thanks DUB LIVES!!!
Carlos the Jackass
Re: Re: need stuff Sunday 11-Feb-2001 03:18:48

Do you have other players for your band?
I play guitar and do drum programming and DUB engineering and I have tons of pro equipment...Mackie Board Cubase VST/32 5.
0 drum machines samplers as well as analog multi-track..a shitload of effects... i need a bass player to lay DUB basslines onto my rhythm tracks...are you interested?...we might be able to exchange tracks via e-mail?
fellow punker & dub-head: Friday 16-Feb-2001 18:21:45

I'm also just starting to put together a clandestine little studio. Get a Tascam 246. They discontinued them but theyre one hell of a 4-track. Sublime did all the demos on "Robbin the Hood" with one. I just bought one myself on ebay. Email me sometime we can talk shop or something.

Melodica's Friday 26-Jan-2001 13:57:22


I'm looking at producing traditional reggae dub and I have questions about melodica's. Is there one specific type of melodica that sounds best with dub? I'm felling a big Augustus Pablo influence here what did he use?

Jah Guide.

Re: Melodica's Monday 29-Jan-2001 21:47:36

Hi man

I'm just a dub lover Augustus Pablo one of my favs I think my first dub ablum was Ital Dub.

Anyway just to say if you come up with anything good drop us a line.

As to the melodica if It was me I'd just go into my local music store and try them out for myself.

I would try to get a different one to Pablo on the grounds of lets try and be orginal.

Or why not try and look for intsrument no one else has used yet.

Good luck what ever to do
Re: Melodica's Wednesday 31-Jan-2001 15:47:14

All Melodicas have the same basic sound. They come in different ranges like Alto Soprano etc but any one of them will do. I believe Pablo used a piano-style maybe an HM-26 judging from pictures I've seen. I bought an HM-901 from a junk shop and I get the same sound. Very easy to play and nothing else gets that classic Dub sound.

Check out the various styles at:
Swingin' Chad
overground: Wednesday 24-Jan-2001 19:30:50

Try the overground:
K&D Dubeffects Tuesday 23-Jan-2001 02:53:44


I was wondering if anyone here ever listened to Kruder & Dorfmeister?

They apply (especially Kruder) this kind of nice filtered delay fx very
often. I think its a delay time of 1/8 but I am not sure.
Also wondering how they filter it. I've tried to imitate it using a cut up sampled delay and put the Emu filters over it but it doesn't sound right to me.
Does anyone know how these things are done?

Would it help if I fee back my delay channel (rtrn of the fx box) back to the fx box to get a kind of feedback loop???

Thanx a lot

Back To Base/UK Dub Band Thursday 18-Jan-2001 16:36:30

Check UK dub/dance band Back To Base especially their collaboration with dub poet Benjamin Zephaniah (first singer to record with Wailers after death of Bob Marley) Track from latest album on CD with next issue of Blu Mag.
more info
check dis Wednesday 17-Jan-2001 13:04:07

Take a look at
New DC Tune Friday 12-Jan-2001 03:19:35

Check out JERUSALEM "The Violent Violin mix"
Yamaha Box Tuesday 2-Jan-2001 19:31:55


I've seen some kind of rhythm/effect box produced by Yamaha.
It's a box with a techno like design about 8 effect controls a rudimental equalizer a couple of drum rhythms and a sample scratch device. It does cost about 300 US$. It seems to be a new development.

Anyone of you does know it ?

Could it a good bargain for someone (me!) just for starting with dub not made with software only ?
The effects seem to be sufficient (delay echo etc.) so far.
I'm not sure about the possibilities to program own drum patterns and to use own samples. And the customer didn't know it too.
How about the sound quality ? How about its robustness especially of those control buttons. Do they break easily won't they produce annoying (unwanted) noise effects due to bad electric contact ?

Is it easy enough to manage under live conditions or does it make sense only with home studio productions ?

I know it's not a professional device. I just need something cheep for to start. And it shall work for creating/ supporting some dub style tunes.

I thought to use it the box for support with drum patterns/ loops noise effects and sample effects. I may plug in external devices as cd player radio tape recorder cheep microphone beginners keyboard (cinch midi). If necessary a computer with a couple of soft synths samplers trackers etc. may be plugged in too (cinch midi).

Anyone of you could help me ?
Thanks !


P.S. I don't need Yamaha own device descriptions or advertisment texts since they don't seem to be very believable.
radical eq techniqes Tuesday 2-Jan-2001 09:34:45

try maximum boost on one frequency on one channel and alter the frequency to give you wah effects also nice with added reverb echo etc.
the old desks used by tubby perry etc didn't have this facility as the eq;s stepped the frequencies
ie'300 hz/500hz/1khz with to recreate this stepped eq shifts use snapshots of the eq on a digital desk/computer to jump about harder on a new analogue desk. try splitting the signal down 4 or more channels all with different eq and turn them on one at a time
tom uk
keyboards or sound modules for basslines Tuesday 2-Jan-2001 06:53:16

nuff respect to all dub maniacs from bologna italy......listen sound bwoys ..i
trying to find decent basslines outta a keyboard ..any suggestion on
wich one to use?????anyway happy new year all soundmassive dubaddicts and
wiseguys..............ciaoooooo rudy
rudy ------
Re: keyboards or sound modules for basslines Tuesday 9-Jan-2001 07:49:22

It depends on what type os sound you want how much you want to spend and if its a rack or keyboard or software. the novation basstation is ok but its better for acid bass as opposed to real bass. i use a boss syb3 pedal cause theyre
cool cheap built like a tank and it can do lots. for software theres some good vst plugins at try out the sub
bass synth in the maxim pack.
theres a really cool peavey bass module i cant
remember the name but they were discontinued recently maybe you could get one cheap.
Mad P what does he use ;- Friday 12-Jan-2001 05:25:52

need acid pro Tuesday 19-Dec-2000 12:13:33

I need acid pro but I'm broke (classic sob story.) I was hoping a good sumeritan (with a cable-connection for your own sake) could attach it to an e-mail. Easy way to earn brownie point's with god...
dj dolemite
Do you use Fruity Pro?????? Monday 18-Dec-2000 21:54:30

do you use fruity pro? check out this site with tips and tricks about fruity plus chat message board fruity webring downloads of fruity files like ts404 presets .flp's and sim synth files. its at
Original Style Friday 8-Dec-2000 13:55:22

Hello dubfreaks-

Okay I have looked over this message board and seen some questions on how to get started making dub. My question goes a little deeper does anyone out there have information a list of some sort about the actual instruments used by tubby scientist and scratch. I know one piece was the Roland Space Echo but there has gotta be others.

I know many of them made their own stuff but I am convinced that there's more to the original sound. On the same subject anyone know what organs keyboards backing bands such as the Roots Radics used?

Peace and Beats
Re: Original Style Wednesday 20-Dec-2000 10:56:32

According to "People Funny Boy" Scratch used these in the early days of Black Ark (1973-75):

Alice mixer (Scratch: "They weren't professional machines they were only toys")
Grantham spring reverb
Roland Space Echo RE201
Marantz amplifier for instruments
AKG drum mic for vocals
Teac 3340 1/4 inch 4-track recorder
Teac 2-track recorder for mix down

In 1975 he added some new equipment:
Soundcraft mixer (replaced the Alice)
Mutron phaser (an early demo model)
better mics

Around 1979 he was given a Teac 1/2 inch 8-track recorder but he didn't like it and almost never used it.

If you want to see Scratch working this stuff at Black Ark get the video "Roots Rock Reggae" from Sanachie. And the book "People Funny Boy" by David Katz is a must also. In the course of telling Lee Scratch Perry's life story he tells the whole story of Jamaican music. The best book ever on reggae.

In discussing Tubby Katz says that his equipment was mostly handmade and can't really be duplicated.
Swingin' Chad
Re: Original Style Friday 12-Jan-2001 17:00:12

for an awesome roots organ check out the hammond M3 or anything in the L series. (L100 or L122 are best) i spoke with scientist himself at show out here in california and some of his tricks for the drums include taping a quarter where the mallet strikes the bass drum head also wooden mallet works best. tape a shamois to snare drum head and duct tape the hell out of your toms. run your hi-hat through a phaser. hope this helps a bit...
sound fonts Monday 27-Nov-2000 11:44:56

need sound fonts desparately any dub/reggae sound fonts would be much apprieciated.
hi hat riddim Friday 24-Nov-2000 21:30:43

hi again
in my previous post i meant to say "delay" in stead of "deal" it was a ganja related typing error
nuclear dub fusion
hi hat riddim Friday 24-Nov-2000 21:27:44

hi there
does any one know how to get the hi hat to drift that much ?? i play drums via a keyboard which really sucks and i dont seem to get a nice drift going on . it sounds like a short delay but i've tried this with my space echo but the deal is rather fixed which reduces the "swing" of the hi hat. any tips ??

secondly does any one have any experience with the bass pod from line 6 ? I use the sub dub amp for you guessed it the bass but i cant seem to get that authentic dub bass sound even with an envelope follower (set to minimal fc). the low strings are to dominant compared to the higher two no matter what configuration of effects i use.

thanx !!
nuclear dub fusion
Re: hi hat riddim Wednesday 29-Nov-2000 10:09:22

Synth or drummachine hihats suck always. What you can do is play with 6 to 10 different hihat types from different machines and the most important... you have to play with a lot of feel velocity changes. Try to think like a drummer.

With the Bass use flatwound strings and a good compressor and with a parametric multiband EQ you can filter out unwanted freqs and/or boost the ones you want

Excellent New Psychedlic Dub CD:-) Tuesday 14-Nov-2000 10:10:30 writes

If you want to hear some great new "contemporary" Dub sounds then check these albums...
Dub Trees-"Nature Never Did Betrsy The Heart That loved Her" (L.S.D./Dragonfly Records)UK
More Bass than Space - Compilation (Dubmission Records) UK

Both albums feature some of the freshest music with heart available now. The vibes are Good and the space is Deep check them both for Smokin' Smiles:-)
Darren E
still more psycho dub ? Thursday 23-Nov-2000 12:32:22 writes

Some more of that psychedelic/ noisy/ experimental dub ? My local dealers only know classic or modern soft dub.

Massa KR
Massa KR
and why not ? Saturday 6-Jan-2001 20:39:57

Interesting that you equate "psychedelic" with "noisy" and "experimental".

I wouldn't say that one must always accompany another but it is so subjective. However IMO the Vibes are still Good and the Space Deep.

As one who enjoys a full Spectrum of Dub Vibrations I felt it good Karma to share an honest opinion with those that may appreciate it.
Darren E
loops riddim Tuesday 14-Nov-2000 01:38:12 writes

where can i search classicals riddims just to chant over them..
in mp3 format...a loop...
like the reggaeriddim directory..but in mp3

real time dubbing Saturday 11-Nov-2000 18:21:31 writes

We are trying to do some dubby stuff in real time that is with a real bass playing
the line a live drummer (preferably -- but more likely a drume machine/beat producer) and effects added later.
any suggestions for doing the dub as you record as opposed to post production? we are kind of low fi-ish style dub and anything you could send would be helpful

Nice site! Keep it up! I'll be back!

Bri (& steve)
Bri (& steve)
live dubbing Monday 13-Nov-2000 07:57:37 writes

two possibilities:
- get someone behind the mixing desk who knows
how to mix dub at your concerts. He will
connect the necessary effects (echo first of
all) and "dubmix" the group. This has the
disadvantage that it brings the mixman in a
godlike position as he will "switch on and off"
the individual group members in order to
create the effects wanted. (Typical example:
first add echo to the offbeat guitar then
fade it out so that just the echo goes on for a

- the second possibility is that all group
members get individual effect units for
themselves which they control themselves. This means spending more money on equipment but makes
it possible to really dub together.
Off course all members have to listen very
closely to what others play in order not to
overcrowd the sound - which happens very easily
when using echoes..

Finally and most importantly: Listen closely to
dub music you like and try to figure out how it
was made!

Get the dub rolling..
Interruptor's November guide to dub mp3 music is now ready for viewing/listening Saturday 11-Nov-2000 04:08:51 writes

greetings dubsters.

The November edition of Bingi's guide to dub mp3 music is now ready for viewing/listening.

Includes tunes by MAD PROFESSOR and THE SCIENTIST as well as new dubplates from DUBCREATOR DUBMUDTREE BINGIMAN VINYLISTY CRAZYBALDHEADS DUB1 and much much more.

The arkive is now past the magic 50 tune mark and growing!!

Organizing a dub party - as weird as possible Monday 6-Nov-2000 13:11:45 writes


we want to organise a dub party. Not a normal one. Not one of those commercial style dub parties. It shall be rather weird. Our dj/party skills (still) are rather low (few mixing experience no toasting skills some experience with ska parties) but we have a usable music collection for a hot night.

May be you have some suggestions for some nice "additional features" for the party. Experimental stuff would be welcome. How to create some "halluzinating" light effects (with low cots equipment ... video beamers are too expensive) ? Any experiences with just adding noise effects using some seperate equipment (seperate cd player maybe even seperate amplifier and boxes). What drinks and food are the hit (don't tell me just about that non efect cannabis cola or non-efect hemp sandwiches) ?

We need more weird(!) dub like that Dubadelic or Trumystic Sound System stuff. And also very (extremely?) hard neo dub noisy dublike sounds etc. Any suggestions on what to buy ? ... shame on us - we're using cd players and/or tapes ...

How to create effects with normal equipment allowing few effects only ? Stuff like putting small pieces of metal or glasses-on-glass on loudspeakers or using rotating hi-frequency loudspeakers plugging in old radio receivers or mixing in very old classic plates you know ... Just for example where to put in the microphone for bad effects ?

Where to chill out when there's few place ? Do we need bunk beds with headphones for each place ?

Any idea for unusual but usable loacations ? Our only ideas till now are old cellars or air-raid shelters.

We want to make it cheap. Better yery cheap. Do sponsors necessarily destroy the atmosphere or might they be integrated in good way ?

How to keep the air clean in rooms without air condition ?

How to make people not crying around "free marihuana" outside the location ? Any more security hints ?

Thanks for any help !
Mazza KR
Re: Organizing a dub party - as weird as possible Saturday 16-Dec-2000 20:07:46

We just ran a DubDance in Brooklyn and this girl Leesaw contributed projections. She had 4 set up around the room and it worked very well.

Her cheap and cheerful method is to compose the images on a mac and then shoot the slides off the
screen with a camera and 1 hour photo processing.

Thus anything you can think of up to noon on the day of the session can be projected..
Software Dubbing Monday 6-Nov-2000 12:32:35 writes


I know about Fruity Loops as a possible software for creating dub tunes.
I'm starting with Buzz since it's much more potential (every imaginable software effect machine may be plugged in for free and you may use lots of sound generators as samplers synthesizers etc.). Well Buzz is rather hard to understand and to use but contrary to hardware equipment it's free (I may "learn" to crate dub tracks with buzz and may be buy some hardware later).

Is there anyone among you who is using buzz (or maybe just tracker software as FastTracker ModPlug Tracker or MadTracker) too ?
I still need some help and may be some (source code) songs as demo/ tutorials.

Is there a manual for dubbing for bloody stupid beginners ? (besides that wonderful DubMeCrazy site)

If not I might create one (after one or two years of experience). So anyone would like to join me ? I mean that serious !

See you
Massa KR
Massa KR
becoming a dub producer in 6 steps Monday 13-Nov-2000 07:48:13 writes

Hi Massa

Producing a traditional dub reggae track in 6

1. get the following equipment:
- multitrack tape recorder
- mixing desk
- amplifier and speakers to monitor your music
- a tape or DAT recorder to capture your final
- effect units: echo reverb
- cables to connect everything
- instruments & players: drums bass guitar
keyboards horns percussion vocals

2. record a song or at least a basic arrangement.
- record each instrument or instrument group
on an individual track of your tape

3. set the levels and equalizing for each track
on the mixing desk so that you get a basic

4. run the song and switch on and off
individual tracks during the song.
typical settings are:
- all tracks
- just drums & bass
- no bass no drums
- no voice for most of the mix

5. use the different effects on the
individual tracks.
typical techniques are:
- connect the effects to the auxiliary outs
of your mixing desk. Thus you can set
the effect level for each track
- set delay times to match the song speed
(use whole beat half beat tripplet timing..
very typical: one and a half beat)
- reverb or echo on the snare drum; not
everytime but once in a while
- change the delay time during the song - this
leads to echoes bouncing up and down
in pitch (only on analog delay units)
- echo on the offbeat guitar: open aux send
slowly over 2 bars letting the echoes
accumulate until they start to overcrowd
the sound then switch off the offbeat track.
the delays will go on for a while and fade
- make sure the sound stays crisp: keep bass
and drums dominant; don't open all aux sends
at once

6. repeat the whole mix many times and listen
to the recorded dubs afterwards.
select the best version.

I hope this helps to get you started. feel free
to ask if there are open questions.

step 1 - instruments (samples) Thursday 23-Nov-2000 12:26:11 writes

Hey interruptor

thanks for your easy to understand answer (and that one 2 or 3 articles up). Tough I was looking for a pure software based solution your 6 step way basically shall work with the synthe-sequencer Buzz.
What I need now are hi-quality samples for piano/guitar for chords (those that really work with dub not that classic piano etc.) bass (hmm I'm synthesizing one right now) and brass. It seems impossible to find great sounding brass samples/instrument files. Not those amiga sounding brass. Natural sounding samples that would work with a pure ska song too. For melody and for chords (well for chords bad samples might work too).
How to make the the off-beat organ bubble ?

See you
Massa KR
Re: Software Dubbing Tuesday 16-Jan-2001 11:37:56

hi Massa KR
i am a buzz-user and i really love that BUZZ.
to me it's the best software to create dub (but of course all other great music)
buzz has for example many different delay effects
so if you have any questions about BUZZ then ask.

Muslimgauze Sunday 29-Oct-2000 05:56:05 writes

Does any one have any info on the late great
Bryn Jones aka Muslimgauze i have a couple of
his (many) releases but know next to nothing about the man himself so if someone out there
Re: Muslimgauze Monday 30-Oct-2000 03:23:17 writes

Check out bsi-records for Muslimgauze
links Tuesday 31-Oct-2000 06:46:51 writes

Do you know these links already?
The Interruptor
dub Friday 27-Oct-2000 09:36:02 writes

DUB - The real story!
Now I want to post something concerning Chuck Foster's review in October's Beat Magazine of the cd "Dub Meet Dub" from Winsuk Records/Black Spine Productions Chuck gave it a good review - the album has an edge and it has crude politically motivated cover... but he also called it a "one man dub asault" The album is in fact a compilation from tracks composed performed produced amd copyrighted by the following artists:

1. roland z - from California (2000) - hiphop/reggae fusion - "Angry Dub" (also available on Mutabaruka's sly and vicious deep jazz ep cd "Siddung pon di wall" and separately on 12" vinyl)
COMMENT: razor sharp not for the weak at heart.

2. Dubware - from Italy (from "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that skank" 1999 Arrayed Roots Sound) - neo-roots - "Lorn" (also available on vinyl 7")
COMMENT: Dubware has recently been carving its name across the media of two continents with the recently released cd "Visions of Babylon".

3. Horace Grant (formerly of the Silvertones) from Jamaica by way of San Diego (own production company partnered with dj Sir Life UCY Productions; from his 1999 cd "Jah Love") - roots-meets-dancehall - "Keep Dubbing"
COMMENT: As they used to say on Black radio stations "a Strooong song!"

4. Louie Fleck - from NYC a member of well-known NYC reggae/ska band The Motives (from his self produced cd "Instrumentality" 1998 alternate take) - progressive dub - "Too Much Free Time"
COMMENT: exquisite precision from a master of his instruments.

5. MuddyFace - from Detroit MI via Rochester NY (12" mix 2000 MuSuck Records) - trip-hop - "Motley Mix" (co-produced bt Tom McKurth)
COMMENT: Go there! - You will not return!

6. feuk - from Scotland (has recently changed his performance name to filtor) - "dark drum n bass" - "Arachnid" (1999; also available on 12" vinyl)
COMMENT: A real Dance Club shaker.

7. hormonE - from St. Petersburg Russia - breakbeat drum -n-bass - "All People" (1999; also available on 12: vinyl)
COMMENT: Lilting Eastern melody fragments above a kick-ass bass.

9. Ancient Strap-on - from Germany by way of Rochester NY (1999 Ancient Strap-On) - African influenced chant - "Monk Bait"
COMMENT: These guys have been underground stars in Western New York since the mid-80s. This started out as a parody of Gregorian chant but once African rhythmic patterns were introduced both broadened and deepened accordingly.

10. Ras Prophet - from Pittsburgh PA (from "Feel the Fire" 1997 Ras Prophet) - poppy roots dub - :"Real Dub"
COMMENT: These are the hardworking profesionals of the album and as with all truly hard-working-professional music a heap of a lot of fun!

10. Free Sex Gum from Albany NY by way of Rochester NY (from "Heaven and Hell" JDF Industries 1988) - New Wave - "Window Shopping"
COMMENT: Another underground rock fave this was the third version of FSG and includes Doug Hazard and Fred Wagner; recorded on cassette 4 track but with surprising good quality. Imagine your home town as hell and you are Jesus harrowing it. Note the Tubby-isms which were actually borrowed by way of Adrian Sherwood.

11. JahDub (Rick Stonecypher) - from North Carolina - "acid dub" (1999) - "Zion"
COMMENT: NOT to be confused with recent Continental star "Jah Acid Dub" - Rick actually used both the name and the idea of "acid dub" first - and does it better I think. This is a truly beautiful piece.

(- Of course myself:)
12. Winner "Natty" (alternate take) - from NYC by way of Rochester NY (from "I-Dub" 1999 Winsuk Records).
COMMENT: I'll stick with my typical notation: "throbbing dream musique".

13. Messian Dread - from the Netherlands (from "The Dubroom Archives" ca. 1998 the Dubroom) 12" mix - strictly roots - "Bloodsucker"
COMMENT: Could just as well have been recorded in Jamaica ca. 1977 this is roots to the root believe me - and still timeless.

Most of these artists have sites on; in addition Messian Dread Dubware Feuk/filtor and roland z operate independent sites with plenty music to spare.. Louie Fleck can be contacted via the web-site of the Motives.

I really believe this album is definitive exactly because it avoids the trap of having every track sound the same. It is a real muusical adventure - hold on for dear life ! You won't be disappointed.
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Sample CD´s Tuesday 24-Oct-2000 19:23:22 writes

Anyone got any sample cd´s? I´m looking for the
Bill Laswell one. Do you know of any other good
sample cd´s with dub?
Let me know if you´re interested in trading I´ve
got a couple of sample cd´s (no dub though)..
Re: Sample CD´s Monday 22-Jan-2001 00:55:20

I have the Laswell CD. It's crucial. DUB TACTIC MANUAL is probably not what you think it is. I would say that the CD is esoteric and original exploring the outerlimits of DUB Jungle and Material style construction kits. I wish it had some generic dub for beginners to use. Most of this CD is for experienced DUB technicians(I use Cubase and don't have a sampler). However I consider it an essential tool for every DUB artist..beginner to advanced...I will trade for DUB only(not interested in any other music)
Help!! Thursday 5-Oct-2000 11:54:23 writes

I'm Amy from France and just recently a friend lent me a King Tubby cd. Before that i had no idea what "dub" was. But now i really like it.
Can any of you tell me where it comes from how it's made (instruments...) or anything else you can think of! I'll be waiting for your answers
Check these links.. Friday 6-Oct-2000 09:23:50 writes

check the links section of my site at
for some of the more important sites on
the net covering the topic!

peace & welcome to the world of DUB

The Interruptor
Re: Help!! Wednesday 11-Oct-2000 04:14:54 writes

To my opinion the real Dub started with King Tubby Coxsone and Lee Perry. Dub was in those early days a special cut from an already recorded track. leaving out all kinds of instruments. And the drums and the bass as a massive foundation of a track. Mixing in guitar skanks organs pieces of horns vocals added with lots of effect to get this "out of this world" space effects on a rough riddim. Tubby was a special man he builded his own custom mixing desk and effect machines and thats why he had such a unique sound. In these days the most dub is already produced as dub and not a "version" of a vocal track. Listen to Disciples Alpha & Omega Jah Shaka (and my own tunes) that's what i call new generation Dub.
don't be fooled by the term DUB becouse lots of house and techno dudes are using this term also.
Remember... real DUB always is a reggae riddim .

OUT NOW............. Thursday 5-Oct-2000 04:54:22 writes

Docking Sequence: BSI Campaign Vol. 1
BSI 015-2 / 015-1

17 Track CD / 21 Track Limited Double LP

Docking Sequence BSI Records’ 15th release and first compilation is a massive visionary manifesto that carves out an aesthetic territory to which no other record label can lay claim. Connecting the disparate but genetically related bloodlines between dub hip hop dancehall electronic and experimental / new musics this collection is the sound of BSI making a bid for a new audio world order…

Heavyweights check in with exclusive tracks and mixes from all corners including both coasts of the US the UK Europe and Jamaica. In order of appearance the Docking Sequence crew…

Digitaria (German radio introduction) Exclusive
Ben Wa (Deep resonating dub from critically acclaimed SF duo) Exclusive
Systemwide (All live dub & jungle breakdown from "The states’ finest dub band.")***
Black Faction (Mid-east head-nod from Manchester. Courtesy of Soleilmoon) Exclusive
Muslimgauze (Manchester’s dearly departed master of North African Noize) Exclusive
Dubcreator (Fresh UK-style soundsystem dub from the Netherlands) Exclusive
He-Man meets The Rootsman (The illest Jamaican vocal style in years) Advance
Jah Warrior (Binghi drum-heavy dub in the tradition of Jah Shaka) Exclusive
Phase Selector Sound (ROIR’s NYC / Nashville roots dub connection) Exclusive
Acroyear (Rib-cracking bass and breaks from Portland’s abstract duo)*** Exclusive
Eternal Golden Void (East Asian flavored ambient Kung-Fu wisdom) Exclusive
Sound Secretion (BSI’s best with DJ Wicked on a turtablist rampage) Exclusive
J-Boogie (Lounge-tech-smoke out from OM Records’ resident dubhead DJ) Exclusive
DJ Collage (Nod your head to this SF hip hop dancehall sensation)*** Advance
Alpha & Omega (Classic soundsystem dub flavor from London’s finest) Exclusive
Twilight Circus (Chart-busting dome-splitting dub chaos from Ryan Moore) Unreleased
Raz Mesinai (aka Badawi) (Not-for-the-faint horror film soundtrack style) Exclusive
Onry & Oldominion (Hip hop from the Northwest’s sickest Anticon cohorts) Advance
Otaku (Psychotic block rockin’ / hip hop / jungle panic attack from SF) Exclusive
Bucolic (All-live futurepast dubstyle from SF’ uncompromising headwreckas)***
DJ Spooky (Paul Miller throws down the dub gauntlet in fine style)+++Unreleased
*** LP only tracks +++ CD only track available on 12" picture disc (BSI 014-1)

Nearly all of the tracks on Docking Sequence are Exclusives and the limited double LP version features four extra tracks (from Systemwide Acroyear DJ Collage & Bucolic) for our dearly loved DJs and vinyl supporters.

If you’ve never checked BSI Records now’s the time. Don’t be afraid! - This isn’t just another collection of reject tracks and barely remixed "remixes." We guarantee you’ll be knocked down by the force of take off landing and the entire ride between - this is the real thing and contains nuff killer tracks for any & every system!! If you thought dubwise meant instrumental reggae buckle up and prepare for Docking…

Press & radio or ph:415-252-9397 fax:415-621-9545

Distribution & retail contact: or 503-232-4121

4005 SE 28th Ave
Portland OR 97202
(503) 232-4121
DUB MEET DUB Tuesday 3-Oct-2000 22:12:45 writes

DUB MEET DUB the definitive dub compilation of the turn of the millenium from roots to dancehall from Afro-chant to trip-hop including tracks from roland z Messian Dread Dubware Free Sex Gum Winner Hormone feuk MuddyFace Ancient Strap-on Ras Prophet Louie Fleck (of the Motives) JahDub (Rick Stonecypher) Horace Grant - 13 tracks 61 minutes of blow-your-mind dub fi'real! -
available wholesale direct mail or via credit card at
(For those counting pennies we have a dub sampler on cassette for $1.99.)
where can i find a symetrix 606 Tuesday 3-Oct-2000 08:41:11 writes

i would like to buy a symetrix 606 by DeltaLab but I think they are not imported in France.
so if u know a website that sells this multieffect please send me the address in my mail (i would prefer a european website for cheaper mail costs)

Re: where can i find a symetrix 606 Thursday 5-Oct-2000 03:41:05 writes

Hi Koyl

The official distributors for france are:

JBK Marketing
[33] 1 40 89 23 90

OCT 2000 roundup of dub mp3 music at Tuesday 3-Oct-2000 03:38:51 writes

Hello people

Oct 2000 edition of's guide to the best free and legal mp3 dub music can now be found at our home page
Keep smiling and the DUB keep flowing
said dajani
some music live on internet Friday 29-Sep-2000 08:56:54 writes
dub music Tuesday 26-Sep-2000 10:21:00 writes

For brilliant dub music check Back To Base especially their collaborations with Benjamin Zephaniah.
Graham King
INFO INFOOOOOOOOO Thursday 21-Sep-2000 21:28:07 writes

i want to start creating dub.... im a raggajungle DJ and i've worked with fruityloops too... but i want to make real dub... because dub is life... dub is the only music that makes me think makes me be... makes me happy

so i really want your help... cuz i know there's a lot of you guys who are really into this...

spread the love...

Go ahead ! Friday 22-Sep-2000 16:51:16 writes

Hey Man

I am a Non-rasta paleface dub-head :-)

Check out the fine tricks this already
supplyed this side and remember a dub-
forum is the most Quiet place at earth
we all sit and wait for some-one else to
by accident mention one of their small
secrets :-)

You need a mixer with lots of knobs
and/or a decent DAW dependend the way
to work and the specific style.

Triks shown this side Might be a good star-
ting point best things You discover By Your
self late at night

We are blessed anything is alowed and listening to DUB becommes more and more
exiting as we grow.

Dont expect a lot of interest or fame :-)

Playing at least one instrument will imp-
prove You odds drastically many dubheads
are fine Multi-instrumentalists.


abashanit I Saturday 16-Sep-2000 15:42:01 writes

hi again
can you tell me some good records of ABASHANTI I
Afriend of mine has tell me about this guy and i don't know anything about him.

do u want 2 hear my frenchy dub Saturday 16-Sep-2000 15:38:09 writes

hi guys
if u want 2 hear some frenchy dub here is the link

mofx Thursday 14-Sep-2000 03:54:15 writes

Run your long reverb through a phaser. and delay the phaser also
Ali Baba Monday 11-Sep-2000 12:59:26 writes

What a great tune (Ali Baba by John Holt). How many dubs exist of this tune?
Si Dubclash
Bill Laswell's Sound Virus Dub Tactic Manual Saturday 9-Sep-2000 15:33:24 writes

Yo all
Did anybody here have listen to this new "Sound Virus Dub Tactic Manual" an audio sample CD produced by Bill Laswell ( Does it worth the (not a likkle) money?
Thanks for any info.
Nelson Meirelles
Re: Bill Laswell's Dub Tactic Manual Thursday 12-Oct-2000 05:40:30 writes

The actual name of the CD is "Dub Tactic Manual".
I didn't hear the CD myself but here are some
links to reviews/mail order services

(for translation you can use





Re: Bill Laswell's Sound Virus Dub Tactic Manual Monday 22-Jan-2001 01:11:27

DUB TACTIC MANUAL is great for advanced DUB technicians. The CD is esoteric and original stretching to the outer limits of DUB. There's some killer Jungle on it too! I wish it had some generic DUB for beginners to utilize. I load it directly into Cubase because I don't have a sampler with OK results.
more filter tricks Friday 8-Sep-2000 21:08:26 writes

run a reverb through a envelope

for that matter run anything through an envelope

click here for an mp3

have fun!

!!! ECHO TRICKS !!! Friday 8-Sep-2000 00:31:34 writes

here ya the output of a your delay into an envelope filter (like the DOD or better yet the DOD

Eltroharmonix QTron +)
click here for mp3 example


Friday 8-Sep-2000 00:20:40 writes

My email address is Saturday 26-Aug-2000 12:00:25 writes

Im just a baby Saturday 26-Aug-2000 11:58:49 writes

Pleeeeaaaaasssseeee help me. I am very interested in dubbing and have not the slightest on where to start. I have been reading the posts on here and I don't even know half of what you are saying. I am interested in making tracks that are completely of other people's music. Get it? What the hell do I buy and what do I need? (Break it down like a 2 year old for me.) And please give me the details. Can I do this all via computer or do I need other things? Cost?

Thank you for your input!
fruity loops? Friday 1-Sep-2000 03:50:29 writes

It seems that many people starting from
zero use a software called "fruity loops"
nowadays. I never tried it myself but here is
their address:
There are more posts on this board from users
of this program.

good luck!
The Interruptor
Re: Im just a baby Sunday 11-Feb-2001 11:49:16

hey summer i dont know whether your question on where to start with dub has been answered but i can help. i am heavily into dub creation and started off just like you not having a clue where to start.
there are two ways you can go about it.
1. have a live band. you will pretty much need a whole studio to go about recording live dub.
2. or you can create dub tracks on computer. this way you can use samples (other peoples work - sorry if this is too basic). programmes that i would recomend to you would be Fruity Loops Acid or my prefered programme Cubase. the first two are for using just samples but Cubase can use samples and Sound Fonts (sounds in the computer that are played using an external keyboard.
basicaly you will need a PC a decent sound card (soundblaster live or platinum) and your prefered programme. most computer shops should be able to help you choose the right programme.

hope i have been of assistance. get dubbing.
Dylan (vigilante)
Dylan (vigilante)
KING TUBBY VERSION OF SUMMERTIME? Friday 25-Aug-2000 05:42:06 writes

I have recently heard a King Tubby Channel One version of Summertime by Gershwin. Any idea who the performer is and if it's on any albums/compilations. Email if you have any idea. Thanks. FB.
Re: KING TUBBY VERSION OF SUMMERTIME? Thursday 7-Sep-2000 10:53:48 writes

The only summertime i know about was produced by lee perry. artist: Errol Walker. it's on Arkology. title: "In These Times". The dub track is even better also on Arkology.
ANYONE WANNA TRADE REGGAE SOUNDFONTS!? Tuesday 22-Aug-2000 00:10:05 writes



Fruity loops Monday 21-Aug-2000 23:28:35 writes

I just started working with fruity loops and I'm pretty dissapointed with the drum sounds I've been getting out of it. They all seem to have that shitty plasticy 80's casio type sound. Am i doing something wrong am I not doing something right or is fruity loops just a bad program? Those of you who don't utilize a live drum kit - what do you use for drum beats?

any input appreciated

moss man one
Re: Fruity loops Wednesday 23-Aug-2000 11:00:00 writes

the way to get good drum sounds in fruity loops is to open a few breakbeats in a sample editor and copy the bass hit and snare hit and hi hat hit into seperate files then load the single-drum hits into seperate channels on fruity loops
Re: Fruity loops Friday 25-Aug-2000 12:06:03 writes

Forget that stuff!!!
Sample records for your drums or record yourself banging on anything even if you don't have drums--wood tin cans plastic buckets--

but for ill beats get some fities bebop small band jazz records--they always let the drummer take a solo--then you're set to chop the samples to bitz!

Mr. Fitz
Thanks bredren! One love... (nm) Saturday 26-Aug-2000 00:25:55 writes

moss man one
DUB SOLIERS INTERNATIONAL STYLE Thursday 17-Aug-2000 02:12:00 writes

Yes I. I am in A crucial Dub army Known as ZIONIX . we are located in Brooklyn NYC.I and I bredren rock a BiLingual toast over heavy downtempo.Tough style . any SolJah looking to Build forward I any Info.RASTAFARI
Wayne Jarrett & Wackies records Friday 4-Aug-2000 09:30:35 writes

Anyone know where I might find records (even cd's) by Wayne Jarrett ("bubble up" or others) and other Wackies projects?
Re: Wayne Jarrett & Wackies records Friday 8-Sep-2000 20:27:06 writes

Hi mm
I have Wayne Jarret's "Bubble Up" (CD) bought on the street during Nottin'Hill Carnival'97. I don't where you are from but if you're in London you could try Jet Star: Acton Lane Park Royal London NW10 7NJ tel (old stylee): 0181-961 5818. If they're still there could you do me a big favor? Ask them if they still have available Horace Andy's "Dance Hall Style" (also Wackie's CD)? 'Cause I've lost mine and I live in Rio de Janeiro!! :((
Nelson Meirelles
testing Friday 28-Jul-2000 20:39:59 writes

Dub MP3's Tuesday 25-Jul-2000 04:40:23 writes

Check out
for some massive Dub vibes.
Also special requests for sounds @ and go to the official DC pages.

Nuff Respect
New dub mp3 selection at Saturday 22-Jul-2000 04:32:28 writes

Just thought you would like to know that the JULY 2000 selection of some of the best dubplate MP3z by unsigned artists from around the world is now available at

Keep smiling and the dub keep flowing

DUB REVOLUTION Wednesday 5-Jul-2000 23:00:54 writes

HELP! Thursday 29-Jun-2000 12:44:23 writes


Well first off I'm a guitar player with a basist and drummer. I know the whole point of dub is using the mixing board as an instrument and not focusing on live gigs. However I really want to play dub live with my band. We have the extreme basics as far as equipment goes. Being as specific and english oriented as you all could...What would I need to help a ska band like us grow some dub roots =) ? Thanks a lot guys.


Re: HELP! Monday 3-Jul-2000 03:59:28 writes

two possibilities:
- get someone behind the mixing desk who knows
how to mix dub at your concerts. He will
connect the necessary effects (echo first of
all) and "dubmix" the group. This has the
disadvantage that it brings the mixman in a
godlike position as he will "switch on and off"
the individual group members in order to
create the effects wanted. (Typical example:
first add echo to the offbeat guitar then
fade it out so that just the echo goes on for a

- the second possibility is that all group
members get individual effect units for
themselves which they control themselves. This means spending more money on equipment but makes
it possible to really dub together.
Off course all members have to listen very
closely to what others play in order not to
overcrowd the sound - which happens very easily
when using echoes..

Finally and most importantly: Listen closely to
dub music you like and try to figure out how it
was made!

Get the dub rolling..

(Just saw Jah Shacka perform in Colone this
Weekend - wicked!)
The Interruptor
Re: HELP! Friday 29-Sep-2000 08:50:04 writes

play triplets decreasing in volume
.... which means that you're faking echo. with practise this can send very good and like a real echo.
guitar can do it drums can do it (especially the snare) .... bass? suppose it could
yes Thursday 29-Jun-2000 06:49:29 writes
music on net Thursday 29-Jun-2000 06:46:06 writes

good site with good experimental and fresh music from europe and otherwise .... broadcasting on the net and on radio ever-expanding. maybe if we hassled them we could get some dub on air ... although i think there might already be some
anyway check it out:
Dub Wav's and loops Monday 19-Jun-2000 21:10:51 writes

Howdy folks Just wondering if anyone has any idea where I might be able to find any good Dub wav files and loops for Acid. I love Dub and want to try and create some of my own! Thanks!
Re: Dub Wav's and loops Sunday 25-Jun-2000 16:07:49 writes

try "the dub room"
Re: Re: Dub Wav's and loops Sunday 20-Aug-2000 17:56:12 writes

Yes hi...
I'm frensh n s o o n a nex frenshsupastar of dub...I LOVE IT!c clair!I CREATE SOME TAPES N MIXTAPES SKA TO NOVODUB I LOVE THE REGGAE

DUB Saturday 17-Jun-2000 05:57:18 writes

how to build a tape echo box? Thursday 11-May-2000 03:41:58 writes

I'm looking for tips on how to build a tape echo box. I've picked up to old reel to reel machines to pull apart. So any info or tips would be appreciated. Tape echos work by looping a tape constantly while the machine plays and records what is being inputed. From there I need to know how to set up feedback and delay...i can't imagine pots for volume equalizer wet/dry slide should be too hard. Let me know if anyone has any tips. I want to warm my synths up and let their ghost talk in the space.
shadow man
Re: how to build a tape echo box? Tuesday 16-May-2000 21:20:59 writes

Find the Looper's Delight page cos they got a whole page on making your own tape delay out of old reel to reel players. Sorry I don't have the address. If you can't find the site email me and I will send you the actual page (I have it on my hard drive somewhere!).

John Foreplay
Johnny Foreplay
Re: how to build a tape echo box? Monday 5-Jun-2000 03:39:09 writes

The address john foreplay mentioned is:

I built my own tape delay out of a Revox A77
and an early BOSS digital delay.
As the A77 features a possibility to mix two signals before recording them I do not need any
additional mixer to mix in the feedback from
the tape. The digital delay is set as a simple
delay without internal feedback. It is simply plugged into the feedback loop and allows a longer and adjustable feedback time (time adjusting is not possible on
the A77 alone as there are only two tape speeds
to choose from) The BOSS delay also
features a simple equalizer which helps to
create interesting sounds.
Combining these two devices I didn't have to
build an additional play head as described
at looper's delight (link above)

greetings and happy looping..

LOOKING FOR SCIENTIST! Friday 28-Apr-2000 22:43:11 writes

I am desperately trying to find Scientist the dub master! I have heard that he was working at a studio in Maryland for awhile and that he has recently relocated to the West Coast. If there is anyone who has info on how to contact him. please email me at:
Any help would be much appreciated!

Michael Veal
Michael Veal
Re: LOOKING FOR SCIENTIST! Sunday 30-Jul-2000 09:12:09 writes

Try getting in touch with Neil Fraser (aka The Mad Proffessor)
He lives in Lewisham in South East London I haven't got his number anymore but I know he has done some gigs with him recently.

Good Luck and JAH BLESS

Re: LOOKING FOR SCIENTIST! Sunday 21-Jan-2001 18:48:21

Yeah Mon. Scientist work at Hound Sound Baltimore and he mix Dub Syndicate there. Then he move to West Coast and advertize inna de reggae review published outta New School San Francisco. i ear dat Scientist is the BEST!
dub labels Wednesday 26-Apr-2000 12:32:09 writes

I'm a dub artist working out of cowtown usa(cols oh)I'm looking for labels foreign and domestic that accept unsoliceted dub material If anyone out there has any leads 4 me plse let me know
Doctor X
Re: dub labels Sunday 21-Jan-2001 18:54:24

Please send your material to me. I want to put out a compilation of DUB that isn't signed in hopes that someone will get signed to a label that adequately promote DUB.
The Dub Lounge Thursday 20-Apr-2000 03:22:28 writes

Please visit the Dub Lounge a brand new Yahoo!
club devoted to dub reggae. Thank you for your
time. Respect.

Re: The Dub Lounge Thursday 27-Apr-2000 15:17:05 writes

Let me know you email/web site address and we can touch bass there yeh!
steppars roots and dub music Friday 17-Mar-2000 18:59:17 writes

any one interested in obtaining some serious dub
music for sound system business or casual listening then contact me. I have over 20 years of experience in sound systems studio work and a whole host of other attributes. No joke business iya serious matter.
Re: steppars roots and dub music Wednesday 29-Mar-2000 20:19:51 writes

REGGAE SOUND FONTS Monday 13-Mar-2000 18:55:37 writes


i am a fellow dubbernaut who is suffering without some good sound fonts!

I am in desperate need of a good punchy reggae organ and other reggae style
can anyone help me? any advice??? I have reality 1.5 and roland xp-10
one love
Re: REGGAE SOUND FONTS Wednesday 29-Mar-2000 14:33:58 writes

I'Ve read your email today. there are many options to go for. Firstly are you recording via computer? Is the XP10 the only keyboard you've got? Are there any other instruments in your possession? Are you a musician? These questions need to be addressed then I could help you. Incidentally I am a serious dub warrior addict etc. with years of experience. Let me know your concerns so I can help you.

Jah guidance and protection
Re: REGGAE SOUND FONTS Wednesday 5-Jul-2000 16:27:07 writes

Why don't you look through your record/CD collection and find a clean sample. Stop taking the easy boring way out by using soundfonts someone else made.
kitachi on the web?? Monday 13-Mar-2000 11:56:29 writes

Hello i'm looking for informations about Kitachi
on the you know where i could find it??
Re: kitachi on the web?? Tuesday 28-Mar-2000 16:29:17 writes

they are also known as power steppers so check may be the alpha and omega site. i do not have the addres right now but will find it

Re: kitachi on the web?? Friday 7-Jul-2000 10:58:32 writes

The Power Steppers are connected to Zion Train.

The Iration Steppas are Kitachi in disguise. They come from Leeds.
Scotty Dub
Wanted: Original Dub for International RADIO Tuesday 22-Feb-2000 13:22:47 writes

Hello Everyone ! and peace to all fans and artists of the dub. I am currently seeking your very own recorded dubstyle tracks for an International Shortwave Radio (and Internet) Broadcast. We are located in a very prime spot Saturday 10 pm -midnight EST and coverage will include North and South America+ the Carribean. I am also interested in interviews and I support independent artists wholeheartedly. Format for submissions should be either CD or DAT (cassettes as a last possible resort). Also I have advertising and sponsorship spots available at a VERY reasonable price. Please contact me at for further information because I want to get you out there in the spacewaves!
Re: Wanted: Original Dub for International RADIO Tuesday 18-Apr-2000 14:14:05 writes

I've been the sole continuous member of an expermental music project called Techniken Defunkus and have been producing Dub trax in addition to other styles of music. I'd love to send you a cd get your feedback on the music etc. I'm a big fan of Tubby Scratch Mad Prof. Prince Far I original Ska sounds and am finding that mmy sound is dub whether I plan it or not...

Also I just designed an article that is a COMPLETE article/discography of dub pioneer Prince Far I for the underground music magazine 50 Miles of Elbow Room. If you are interested in Far I and original inspirational mostly unknown improvizational music contact the issues are $4 with postage in the US a real bargain...
mr. Fitz
Re: Wanted: Original Dub for International RADIO Thursday 27-Apr-2000 15:14:29 writes

Let me know more about u your location etc. I'm willing to send u a cd for your listening.
Beginner Wednesday 16-Feb-2000 23:12:46 writes

I'm interested in dub but I haven't got a clue about what equipment I need or where to begin. Can anyone help me get started?
hollow dog
Essential dub advise!! Friday 18-Feb-2000 20:20:51 writes

You will need copious amount's of the following: Reverb (pref valve amp) echo/delay a big FAT spliff and endless amount's of imagination!!! Get rockin' bredrin' and good luck!
Astro's Beard
Re: Dub Essentials Tuesday 22-Feb-2000 02:18:14 writes

If you wanna start making Dub music you are
definately going to need a mixing board and a
bunch of effects like reverb and delay especially. The whole Dub science is based around
the concept of the mixing desk\studio as an instrument anchored by the bass and the drums.
On top of that you are going to need your sound
sources whether they be from live instruments on
a multi track device or from MIDI instruments like synthesizer samplers and drum machines.
There is plenty of fine Dub made using both methods from the classic dubs of King Tubby Scientist and Prince Jammy to the modern digital
styles of Jah Shaka The Disciples Jah Warrior
and the Bush Chemists just to name a few.

Good Luck!!!

Tone Scientist
Lee "Scratch" Perry In Concert w/ Mad Professor Friday 11-Feb-2000 01:23:15 writes

Wow I just saw Lee "Scratch" Perry and the Mad Professor live at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta. Lee came out with a bicycle horn wearing an alien T-shirt with glitter all over him. I think he made up the whole concert in his head on the spot. He was saying stuff like "reggae jammin is a must Lee "scratch" Perry gonna turn vampires into ashes & dust." Anyway great show.

I have some classic reggae dub mp3's I just finished if anyone wants a sample. Also if you have anything you've done in the same style I'd like to check it out.

Peace & Dub
Bedward where are you? Monday 7-Feb-2000 20:16:00 writes

First of all my dream has come true.....a whole message board dedicated to talking about Dub wonderful!! I'm so happy!!!!
Hopefully one of you lovely people can help me out. I've been looking for a track by Prince Far-I called (i think) "Bedward the flying Preacher" on C.D for ages. I've got the dub version performed by Dub Syndicate called "Pounding System" but i just can't find the vocal version anybody know where i can find it??
Astro's Beard
Re: Bedward where are you? Wednesday 16-Feb-2000 20:49:39 writes

There is a compilation (CD) on the ON-U sound label based in England that has the vocal version. I do not remember the name of the compilation but it has a yellowish cover. I bought the comp. just for that song. it a go dread.
dub lover
Dub lover you're a star!!!! I will start looking for the tune ASAP thank's for your help. Wednesday 16-Feb-2000 21:42:44 writes

Re: Dub lover you're a star!!!! I will start looking for the tune ASAP thank's for your help. Thursday 17-Feb-2000 15:27:53 writes

I found the comp. it is called pay it all back vol. 2 issued in 1988.
dub lover
Thanx so much for your help "dub lover"......... i'm on my way NOW!!!!!!! Friday 18-Feb-2000 20:15:38 writes

Astro's Beard
Re: Bedward where are you? Sunday 9-Jul-2000 18:06:53 writes

You'll also find it on Singers & Players - Staggering Heights.
Re: Bedward where are you? Monday 22-Jan-2001 00:12:09

Try "a party of dubbers and toasters" an ON-U sound compilation. If not I know I have it on CD somewhere...I'll get back to ya...
third version? Tuesday 1-Feb-2000 08:58:38 writes

I was at a reggae club a while back and the DJ played three versions of the Killer Miller track which was dubbed by Tubby on King tubby meets rockers uptown (I think the original is called 'Baby I love you so'). I have the version off King tubby meets rockers uptown and I have the original undubbed version. The third version I heard was somewhere inbetween the two as far as how much it was worked by tubby. Can anybody tell me which album I might be able to find this third version and also what album the original is off (I only have the original on tape). It would be much appreciated.

john foreplay
Re: third version? Wednesday 16-Feb-2000 20:52:51 writes

Check out the african dub series vols. 1 to 4 produced by Joe Gibbs. These are comp. into 2 vols. per CD. I do not remember what volume but bought CDs are worth purchasing
dub lover
submit to the dub Sunday 30-Jan-2000 14:59:16 writes

hey i just started listening to dub while i was in eastern europe this past summer (i'm in minneapolis right now) and i caught this german (i think) band called submission which was unf---ingbelievable but i can't find their stuff anywhere so if you can help that would be amazing and i will think of you always when i spin their tunes on my player.
Re: submit to the dub Wednesday 2-Feb-2000 12:20:52 writes

check the following URL:

Here I found the following:

there exist some 'real' dub bands in Germany and Austria
like "The Vision" (been there for ages) "Di Iries" from Hamburg who after all released an album with "Alpha & Omega". From
Vienna (?) come the "Sofa Surfers" - highly praised by the press. From Berlin are "Submission" coming with a first CD-EP.
And finally there are the 'oldies' "Dub Invaders" who even toured with UB 40.

the person who wrote the page
can be e-mailed at:

hope this helps..

free mp3 Friday 21-Jan-2000 17:51:19 writes

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loop collective
Roland 505 Wednesday 19-Jan-2000 00:01:47 writes

I am thinking about getting the Roland 505. I tried it out at the music store and it was tight. I just dont know if this is the right piece of equiptment to get. I am into dub but I also want to make hiip hop tracks and some punk reggae and funk. I am a guitarist and pretty much just need bass and drums and I think having the rest of the effects on there would be kool. I would love for someone to tell me what is good out there Roland land and maybee help me pick out something that would be good for me. I am dying to make music but I don't know a drummer or a descent bass player.
The Daver
Re: Roland 505 Sunday 30-Apr-2000 07:05:37 writes

Hi dont buy the 505 yet! check out the quasimidi raveolution 309 its a lot better but it doesnt have those light controllers .
go to and
also of note are the korg electribes but youll
need both! + the 309 is cheaper than the 505 and
both korgs!
the Nematod
howdy Wednesday 22-Dec-1999 18:52:04 writes

Hello All! Just wishing all you crazy dub people a merry christmas and a crazy new year.

Dub on into new millinium!

John Foreplay
John Foreplay
Dubheads Unite!! Thursday 9-Dec-1999 15:49:33 writes

Greetings Dubheads worldwide!!

I am Tone Scientist representing Universal Bass
Culture from Seattle. I am a producer heavily
influenced by the Dub. I do Dub Jungle Hip-Hop
Jazz and other styles. Wherever Jah leads me!
Currently I just finished a new album called
Evolution which contains some Dub/Hip-Hop fusions
I have been working on plus some Ragga/Jump-up
Jungle. I also have an alias: DJ Zion12 who is
ready to put forth on the serious Dub bizness
SoundSystem Style!!! If anyone is interested in
checkin' out da sound please contact me for I am
interested in spreading the message of the Dub!!

Much Love Respect & inity!!!

Tone Scientist
Tone Scientist
Re: Dubheads Unite!! Tuesday 8-Aug-2000 15:52:12 writes

Nice to know that the vibe is alive in USA. Are you interested in new dub to send the massess crazy? Then send me a message! Tell me about yourself. I may be able to supply you with mouth watering dub! Believe me! Some serious competition is over hear in England but first come; first serve. Until I hear from you Jah Guidance and protection.
Dub-Zone Wednesday 8-Dec-1999 14:55:36 writes

I'd like to know where all dem Rootz-man connection is ere ina West Midlands ?
What eve happen to Shaka & Iration steppars ? I here dat BoomShakaLacka spending time ina de studio now. Come narr BSL when ya gonna play a dance again ?
Chris (Jah)
Peace & love unto Jah Rastafari
Re: Dub-Zone Friday 24-Mar-2000 07:52:57 writes

Irration Steppas are currently pakying around Leeds and Manchester quite a lot. Try 30th March Tink Tank Leeds. They also have a website for with up to date info.
"pass me the herb pass me the rizla" Wednesday 8-Dec-1999 07:19:40 writes

hello! nice site - cool and groovy.
hi to dubby people evrywhere.
i dj and write music and am into king tubby scientist sly and robbie zion train rhythmites lkj...need i go on?!
just to let you know :-)
Re: "pass me the herb pass me the rizla" Sunday 11-Feb-2001 02:39:26

Scientist worked at a studio that I recorded at. He is the best! The studio was called Hound Sound in Baltimore MD USA. It was a great studio but got raided by "Babylons Army" (the cops). He is out here now in San Francisco at a new studio. Dub Syndicate's album "Mello and Colly' was mixed at Hound Sound they had some "killer" vintage tube preamps and compressors that once belonged to Led Zeppelin. The sound was pure analog nirvana.
get wise - dubwize!