THE INTERRUPTOR: Mosquitos & Electrons
THE INTERRUPTOR - Mosquitos & Electrons
  • 16 track album "Mosquitos & Electrons" available on MP3, CD and MC
  • 7-Inch Single featuring the two tracks "Madrugada" and "The Return of Sleng"
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Audio Previews
  • = Reggae/Dancehall, = Jungle/D'n'B, = Dub, = other
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1. Steve Machete’s intro
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2. Wha' gone bad a morning
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Dancehall with a junglistic edge. DJ Mumaleck and harmony vocalists EQ comment on domestic violence.
3. Calle de verano
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based on a poem by nicaraguan poet Ana Ilce, jazzy/dubby
4. Rockland’s interlude
Singer Rockland captured outside Caveman studio in Kingston
5. Sweet sugar dumpling
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Singer Mark Wonder sings for his loved one on a driving dancehall riddim.
6. U look good (African Princess)
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a hiphop flavoured Ragga track featuring vocals by DJ Spectacular
7. Madrugada
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laid back track with elements from Drum&Bass and Latin
8. Movin' dread
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Roots singer Candyman on a dubby rhythm track
9. Jones for Mr. Johnson
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soul diva Jocelyn Brown remixed by The Interruptor
10. Dance a yard
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Dub/House fusion with vocals by Reggae singer Steve Machete
11. The return of Sleng
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A junglistic rework of King Jammy's "Sleng Teng" riddim with a touch of acidic madness
12. Beauty and the beat
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atmospheric Drum'n'Bass, earthy bass-line
13. Interruption Style
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Jungle track with old school Reggae MC samples
14. Mumaoo
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DJ Calalooman tells about his ma and about being locked up by the police. same riddim as track 2
15. The prayer
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Vocals by veteran sound system DJ Danny Dread - same riddim as track 5
16. Flatline
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Drum'n'Bass with a techy attitude