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Releases featuring music by The Interruptor
2006 click to enlarge Aba Yo
with King Noah
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Jah is my Strength
with Andrew Robinson,
Ras Charmer
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various artists album Volume 2
Universal Music
Two songs produced by The Interruptor are featured on this 20 track compilation of Switzerland's most prolific reggae artists and producers.

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2004 click to enlarge African Satellite Dub
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various artists album
Roots of Dub Funk 4
Tanty Records
A hymn to mother Africa - birthplace of the human race.

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Tanty Records, UK
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Ex Libris, CH

2004 click to enlarge Jah is my Strength
vocals: Andrew Robinson,
Ras Charmer & Leonie
music: Tempo Riddim, new version by The Interruptor
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Open your Eyes
vocals: Andrew Robinson
& Leonie
music: Andrew Robinson, Douane, The Interruptor
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7-Inch vinyl single

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- Tanty Records UK (online order)
- Reggae Fever, St. Jakobstr. 59, Zurich Switzerland

produced by:
The Interruptor & Andrew Robinson
distributed by:
Sonic Sounds, Kingston Jamaica,
Tel 926-2204, 926-2036
2002 click to enlarge Inner City Dub
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various artists album
Roots of Dub Funk 2
Tanty Records
Work on this Dub started when Manhattan was still covered with gray dust from the World Trade Center. The horrifying pictures we have all seen on TV made their way into this almost painfully broken beat.
2001 click to enlarge
Interruptor's debut album
Mosquitos & Electrons
soundstreams and detailed information are available here.
This collection features all tracks released so far plus 10 new selections - most of them resulting from the vocal sessions in Kingston, JA.
2001 click to enlarge The Return of Sleng
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various artists album
Roots of Dub Funk
Tanty Records
A junglistic rework of King Jammy's "Sleng Teng" riddim with a touch of acidic madness
1999 click to enlarge Dance a Yard
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various artists album
Sounds of the Heavyweight
Tanty Records
Dub/House fusion with vocals by Reggae singer Steve Machete
1998 click to enlarge Madrugada +
The Return of Sleng

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7-Inch vinyl single
X-Tra Records
Madrugada is a laid back track with elements from Drum&Bass and Latin.
1997 click to enlarge Interruption Style
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various artists album
In your Face - Drum’n’Bass
JAB008, MV910.823
Jungle track with old school Reggae MC samples
1997 click to enlarge Sax parts for "Reminder"

album "edit" by Skrupel
Xtra Records + Plattenmeister, Indigo 74142
The swiss group Skrupel (nowadays better known as Bio Bonsai) invited me to play the saxophone for the opening track on their album Edit.
Unreleased Tracks
. . Dub in Moonlight
vocals: Andrew Robinson

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"The moon appeared behind the clouds and shed his light upon the beach. I walked through the sand towards the fisherman's boat. I looked inside and to my surprise it was filled with two feet long metal fishes."
. . Dubbin' the Native Code
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Dub based on a Dancehall beat
. . Eyes Dub
vocals: Andrew Robinson

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Dub remix of "Open your Eyes"
. . Confident Dub
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fast stepping beat with a joyous horn line and some funky crickets from my parents garden