THE INTERRUPTOR: Mosquitos & Electrons - album credits
THE INTERRUPTOR - Mosquitos & Electrons
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All Music except tracks 3, 6 and 9 was written and produced by The Interruptor a.k.a Daniel F. Bosshard at The Echochamber in Zürich. The lyrics were written and performed by the featured artists and recorded at Caveman Studio and Music Works in Kingston,JA.

Track 3: Based on the poem "Calle de verano" by the nicaraguan poet Ana Ilce Gómez. Track 6: Original version produced by One Ton (Ganglords) in Kingston,JA 1997, remixed by The Interruptor. Track 9: Vocals by Jocelyn Brown courtesy of X-TRA Records, Zürich.

Credits for the individual tracks: 2.(Darnette Cummings, Brenda Linlayson, Elsa Green, D.F.Bosshard), 3.(Ana Ilce Gómez, D.F.Bosshard), 4.(M.Campbell), 5.(Mark Thompson, D.F. Bosshard), 6.(Carl Reid, Philipp Schnyder von Wartensee) (p) United Sound, Zürich 1997, (c) One Ton, 1997, 7.(D.F.Bosshard), 8.(Byron Reid, D.F.Bosshard), 9.(Jocelyn Brown, D.F.Bosshard), 10.(Stephen Layne, D.F.Bosshard), 11.(D.F.Bosshard), 12.(D.F.Bosshard), 13.(D.F.Bosshard), 14.(Oliver Shannon, D.F.Bosshard), 15.(Danot Augustus Codner, D.F.Bosshard), 16.(D.F.Bosshard)
Thanks to the people who made this possible: All featured vocalists - Francis Belle & Herbie Stirnimann for additional vocals on 10. and 15. - Dan Suter for good advice and the guitar licks on 9. - Chris Ruh for a wicked bassline on 6. - Philipp "One Ton" Schnyder (Ganglords) for advice and connections - Jeanet for lending her voice on 2. - Pascal Burckhardt - Steff Müller - Family Clarke for making sure I didn't get lost in Kingston - Sandro "Roots Operator" Galli for the sound system effects on 8. - Caveman Sound, Kingston - Stephan Becker for lending me his DAT.
Special Thanks
Regula & Walter