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Mike Zee
Posted on Thursday, July 11, 2002 - 08:14 am:   

hi all, friends'in'dub!

here's important note from me regarding to ZEE DUB LAB. Since I am in a sort of long process of organizing a better web-site and presentation, I still have to find/decide where to host the project etc...., but for now, here's the "gateway" page link URL. So first get there, then click on logo, and it will take you to the most current and most up-to-date location.
I've just made some updates asap...., still not complete, but at least it will keep bad links and old info to the minimum.
So here's the link:

the actual url is:

I am using angelfire servers, later I'll see what I am going to do, but this 'entering page' will stay for sometime. I still have to do allots of links/updtes across all my pages on the net.....


best regards,

/Mike Zee
/zee dub lab metal door dub

Posted on Monday, July 15, 2002 - 08:15 am:   

Hi MikeZee,
I know a good hoster "" it's in french/english and free.

Just a comment on your site : 3 min to load, can you separe the page with a menu link ?

i think it's most for 56k... ;)

Jah Bless,

Mike Zee
Posted on Monday, July 15, 2002 - 02:17 pm:   

KoCha, thank a ton for checkin'In and your thoughts, also thank you for isp-hoster tip. i'll be thinking closer about this.

about long loading time and pages-size...

I know this, man. It was an issue for fo a long time. I had vary designs in the past.
Here's why I ended up with this. I've just figured, that my site is an 'entertainment site' and it's not just a some sort of 'info' and promo-place, ala G.Michael and such :)... where all you can find is a quick swing-of-things and info where to buy tickets and CDs ....
You see my site is actually 'on-line entertainment oriented, meaning that my visitors actually getting 'music' right there. So, another words, it's for fast connection users only, sort of speak. You still can get there with modem, but you have to really be willing to spend time, just as you would spend time downloading 128-mp3s.
If you (i mean any visitor) can't deal with this, then, you know, visitor will just leave.
But, you see, if you (visitor) does not have fast connection, then there's not too much to do at my site to begin with. I mean, to do what? !!!! To read some sh*** about mike z, or to see some compressed gif-photos ... or some sh*t like that??? heh heh heh.... who gives a crap know what I mean.
So with this in mind, I've created this design, where I can put enough 'visual data', so the visitor with cable/dsl may actually take a chance and actually check out some of the MUSIC!!!!, this is what it's all about, after all.
well, also, I have pretty good feellings, that speed-connection soon will be a norm. Just give it a time.

thanks again, man,

best regards,

/Mike Zee

Mike Zee
Posted on Monday, July 15, 2002 - 02:27 pm:   

oh, btw, Z-DUB-L is actually only a one page of the site. The Site is MZE-Electroarts Entertainment. I have like 5 different projects there, some extra stuff/pages. You' see I have to somehow present allots of music and all the things which go with it. I have 30plus CD-albums, all vary genres.... it's kind of heavy.. ;)
The main entering page is actually here:
MZE-Electroarts Entertainment



/Mike Zee

Posted on Tuesday, July 16, 2002 - 10:46 am:   

Oh so ok, you do not make only dub but a lot of stuff...
Personnaly i'm only oriented to dub, but i have a question about your work, (i can't hear here) what is the "techno-opera" ???

I have navigate on your site and after i have understand the "architectue" very speed when i'am with cable connect.

Jah Bless,


Mike Zee
Posted on Tuesday, July 16, 2002 - 11:55 am:   

geeee, man,
"techno-opera", hmmmmmmmmmm, grrrrrrrrr :)
not really right place to talk about it.
it's a really long story about this project.
I had much more plans and hopes than it ended up.

shortly, as I can.
It's as IS now. Electronic Musical in Three Acts.
no more no less. As musical style, it is covering a variety of electronic music. Do not get confused, thou... this is not a some sort of blend of 'techno' and 'classical opera'. There's really very little of true techno-music there, and not much of 'classical'. It's just a concept for the production. I used the general strustural idea of 'opera/or musical' but the music is electronic. Traditional Musical Themes are there, but 'voices' (like in opera) are vary ....electronic sounds / samples.
It is all based on a sci-fi story I was writing, which is sci-fi and drama. It's about the man who has spent his life trying to be/ becom PERFECT in many ways, who has got it ALL, but at the end finds himself totally alone and realizes that he missed something much more important in life. well a bit of cliche, maybe.
The Sci-Fi side of it is that The Man, named Ralf, was actually created as Humanoid - The Machine. He was created in a sort of accident in the lab-works by a Woman, she actually has created him as Her Ideal of a Man.... and the story goes on. At the end Ralf actually becomes Very Human and he gets one 'ugly' side of human nature, which is that lust for Achievement. You, see for Human-Being it is not enough just to Be perfect, as for The Machine. Human-Being wants to become perfect and then!!!! Human-Being wants more. Human-Being also want all the other Human-Being to recognize His/Her Perfection. Sometimes we call it - Lust For Power. :)
Well, so at the end Ralf turns into a selfish and ugly Cult-Leader, which leads him to 'Overload', Self-Distruction and Crash. End of a story... heh heh heh :)
This is why I call it "The Story Of One Man's crash"...
I've just finished updating the page at server, so the links and stuff must work for the most. You see, my site is a mess now, because it's actually a mixture of pages being hosted on different servers, and one of the server can not be updated, so some links are incorrect etc... blah blah.

well, KoCha, if you get any silly questions etc, feel free to e-mail me, 'cos most of it, just boring talks.

thanks again,

best regards,
'n respects,
/Mike Zee

Mike Zee
Posted on Tuesday, July 16, 2002 - 11:58 am:   

oh, btw,
there's absolutely NO dub in that techno-opera.
there's some blues thou ... :)

/Mike Zee

Posted on Wednesday, July 17, 2002 - 02:30 pm:   

Oh yes another long post [;)] !!!

Thx for all this info, now i know really what it is... i thinked they had classical music... so it's "just" techno [;)]

But it's a good project, when i have time i go listen in streming.

The next times i ask you by mail sorry for Dub-Boarder.

Jah Bless


Mike Zee
Posted on Wednesday, July 17, 2002 - 04:12 pm:   

no, man, it's NOT 'JUST techno', as I've said, there's just very few real techno-tracks there.
It is a variety of electronic music: styles like symphonic electronica, ambient, trance, break-beat, electric blues, techno, some really experimental stuff etc... genre is not a subject here, really. It's most about the CONCEPT, it's like a story/or music for a film, in a sense...
My goal was to express the story-idea/concept in the form of electronic music. So it is not really musical, no opera, not really film music. There are no songs with lyrics, and there's not conversation-singing between characters, like in opera... there's some 'poetry' trough thou, but mostly as machine-voce-talking, there are bunch of vocals, which were recorded specifically for the project. It vocals of J Green, from former local electronic bend/project "FICTION", now existing as "ULTREEN".
well, blah blah, after all it's just a bunch of electrinc stuff, he he...that's all.

if you wish to check it out, then be sure you get to RIGHT pages, he heh :)... if you see '' in the address, this will mean that you are in the WRONG pages, updated pages all on server.
If you see a 'NICE banner' on top, then you are in the RIGHT place, if there's no banner, then chances are that your are on some older not-updated pages...heh heh, it's a mess.
here's the direct hit link:
THE MACHINE (techno-opera)
if you want to listen to more tracks, then get to this station page:
THE MACHINE mp3 station
there 25 tracks there, which are not available anywhere else, simply because I can't keep all the tracks out.... there's a limit , you know... or I'll have to have like over 300 tracks on the page... :)

later man,
and thanks for checking the site again and feedback.

best regards,
'n respects

/Mike Zee

Posted on Thursday, July 18, 2002 - 10:44 am:   

When i say it's "JUST" techno, it's naturally a joke ;-)

I have heard an sample of the first acte, very hard work. I have now understant how you have make that. It's more a "techno film" for my than an "opera" but it's just word...

I'm not a fan of techno.. and i don't like that... but technicely it's good sound!


Mike Zee
Posted on Monday, July 22, 2002 - 12:35 pm:   

KoCha, in the process of production and later after release, I actually got BOO'd down many times for this, because of (techno-opera) subtitle, because it is not techno nor opera.
People were saying: "Geeee, where's techno? where's Opera????, -crap!" .. ;)
At the end I've got tired explaining what do I mean here. And later released it myself adding a note - "electronic musical".

/Mike Zee

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