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Scroll VI : Miscellaneous Oddities

  • "Even if I don't smoke herb anymore I think smoking a joint can be considered a technique and it's not written on your site!" [Now it is :-) ,The Interruptor]
    submitted by Guillaume Morgan
  • At the time I put real audio files of my music on the internet for the first time something funny happened to me: I uploaded a real audio file to the free provider angelfire. So far everything seemed ok, but it wasn't possible to listen to the music with a web browser. So I downloaded the same file back to my harddisk to check it. When I listened to it I found out that it was somehow affected by it's travel through cyberspace.. There was a strange effect on it that sounded like a combination of phase and filter modulation. I later tried to do the same thing deliberately but it didn't work anymore.
  • Cyber age Lo-Fi effect: take some backing tracks or a section of the track, encode it to a low kbs real-audio file (like 96 kbs or the like) then convert it back into a wav. the resulting sound is tinny and burbly, and if you throw some reverb on top of it you get a very mechanical, yet organic sound. it can also be applied to beats for a weird "woosh" lofi effect.
    submitted by roy
  • Try using dithers in the wrong way like choose 24bit bit rate when exporting audiofiles in 16 bit , you ll get weirdo timestrech like sounds.
    submitted by arun
  • A Wicked hard-mp3-like effect can be achieved by converting your sample wave to an mp3 with good quality. Then just change the .mp3 label to .txt and open the file in notepad. Copy the TEXT (a nonsensical line of ascii code) to your clipboard and paste it to a different blank text file. Then take this new text file and change its' label to .mp3. Now, this new mp3 sounds close to a bad mp3 compression, but somehow different and better to use in a strange song.
    submitted by kaliokt
  • Bury the mastertape in your garden and leave it there for some time. (Credited to Lee 'Scratch' Perry) Lee Scratch Perry
  • Blow ganja smoke on the master tape while recording, to add this irie finishing touch. (Credited to Lee'Scratch' Perry)
    submitted by Werner de Bruijn
  • Put a few bottles of your own urin in the studio to give more energy. (Credited to Lee'Scratch' Perry)
    submitted by Peter Jarver
  • Leave a hen to sport around on your mixing desk. If it has a go in doodooin on track no. 10 (In that case it was the drum track), so take that out. (as done by the guy from ministry)
    ..sent in by riddimflirt
  • Very modern by coincidence found delay
    • 2 mobile phones
    • 1 carkit with speaker and microphone
    Just place 1 mobile in the carkit holder, give the other one a ring and start talking and voila: a GSM delay. Try different distances for feedback amount.
    submitted by dubcreator
  • place your mobile near any recording equipment that might be affected by interferences from incoming calls. has worked nice rhythmically. have to be fast to switch it off though before it starts ringing. or not.
    submitted by jazay

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