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Build your own Dub siren

click picture for inside view On July-30 2001 Toby E from Israel wrote a note on the dub discussion board asking for a schematic to build his own Dub siren.
Three weeks later Mat aka Munky Lee from France (whose dubs you should definitely have a listen to) supplied a link to this schematic for a siren (Word doc)
Toby took the schematic and built the siren within little more than one month's time. After shaking up the beach with his sound system on a Friday night he even found some time to write this report (pdf-file), record an mp3 file for your listening pleasure (397kB) and shoot two pictures of his baby! (Click the picture for an inside view..)

If you have made your own experiences with Dub sirens or have access to an alternative schematic then please let us know at the
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